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Windsor Board of Basketball Officials (Circa 1965)

Front Row: Leo Innocente, Carl Popkey, Dave Cook, Bob Keech, Denny Morrison, Andy Vince

Middle Row: Jim Hogan, Bill Rogin, Red Wiseman, Ian Howie, Carl Deneau, Doug Towers, Jim Tisdale, Don Parsons

Back Row: Clayt Brent, Morgan Clark, Les TaffinderGord Gunnel, Unknown, Chuck Moore, Jack Schroeder, Steve Payne,

George Nickson, Morgan Price, Jack Cheswick, Leno Truant, Gary Rogers

    Before the Windsor Board was officially founded in 1948, games were refereed by a group formed by the High Schools to do their games.  The following officials were involved, Joe Mencel, Bill Robin, Harold Wellwood, Jim Hogan, Frank Wansbrough, Ian Allison, Jim Stewart, Lyle Browning, Stan Willimont, Ross Newitt, Hank Bisasutti, Stanley Nantais, Jack Blair, Julius Goldman, Pat McManus, Arnold Harrison, Elmer Bauer, Red Wiseman and Dan Callahan.


            Around 1950, the Windsor & District was formed and began meeting at Roginís Sporting Store.  Some fo the original members were Ian Howie, Carl Deneau, Jim Tisdale, Don Parsons, Mike Hedgewick Sr., Denny Morrison, Willie Greenwood, Morrie Gallagher, Chuck Tolmie, Gord Gunnel, Steve Sobocan, Dave Cook, Clayt Brent, Doug Towers and Morgan Price.


            In the 60ís, 70ís and 80ís other referees were Leo Innocente, Norm Innocente, Bob Keech, Morgan Clark, Stan Fraser, Dexter Robinson, George Nickson, Kevin Greenwood, Paul Carter, Greg McCullough, Rick Middleton, Conrad Marier, Andy Vince, Les Toffinder, Sam Dragich, Perry Mann, Dave Mollard, Gino Naccarato, Dave Kipfer, Father McLeod, Jack Cheswick and Steve Payne.


            Early meetings were held at Roginís Sports, Chicken Court Restaurant and Assumption High School.  In the 70ís the High School Girls changed their rules to Boys Basketball Rules and their season to the fall (September to November). The Womenís Association joined with the Menís Association.  Some of the members joining the Menís Association were Pam Morrison, Danny Dowdell, Sis Thomson and Helen Gurney.






            In the mid 1940ís, Helen Gurney, Head of the womenís physical education at Sandwich Collegiate (now J.L. Forester), an avid basketball player, teacher, and coach, took several post-grad and senior high school students to the Michigan State, Washtenaw County Basketball Board of Officials to get referee certification through the U.S.D.G.W.S. (United States Division of Girls and Womenís Sport) of A.A.P.E.H.R. (American Association for Physical Education, Health and Recreation).  Subsequently, she formed C.O.R.B. (Canadian Officials Rating Board) under the W.A.C. (Womenís Athletic Committee) of C.A.H.P.E.R. (Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation) auspices. In 1953, the Windsor & Essex County Womenís Board of Officials came into being, training and certifying women and girls to officiate high school, elementary school and collegiate basketball games affiliated with A.A.H.PO.E.R. In 1962, Helen Gurney wrote the Canadian Womenís Basketball Rule Book, published in English and French.  More boards were established in the province when Miss Gurney entered the Ontario Ministry of Education in Toronto.


Later, the Windsor C.O.R.B. was approached by the Womenís coaches of Windsor and Essex County to referee volleyball under the C.O.R.B. umbrella.  Several years later funding by the government was changed and directed to each individual sport and its governing body.  In about 1972, the C.V.A. (Canadian Volleyball Association) became responsible for volleyball officiating for all of Canada, not just the western provinces.  At the same time, women started playing the same basketball rules as the men and women officials joined the menís basketball officials with the Windsor & District Referees Assoc. as part of the O.B.A. (Ontario Basketball Association) and the C.B.A. (Canadian Basketball Association).  At this time C.O.R.B. ceased to exist, as it was no longer needed.


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